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Hot tub hire in Gloucestershire

Hire a hot tub for your home or holiday let

This is how Hot Tubs Rock started way back in 2015. Since then we have expanded a lot but hot tub hire is still very much a core part of the business for both commercial and domestic customers.

If you’re having a party at home, a staycation or just fancy a bit of “me” time then a hot tub hire is the perfect way to relax in 40 degrees of wonderful bubbly bliss with the commitment of a purchase. However if you do want to purchase after your hire then we give you £200 off the purchase price of a new solid hot tub.

Hot tub hire is also perfect for holiday lets as it lets you tick that all important box to say you have one at your property without the need for the initial commitment! If you do decide you would like to add one as a permanent feature then we have a range of hot tubs designed specifically for commercial use.