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InvigorICE Blast

£4,299.00 VAT included

The InvigorICE is a premium acrylic cold water therapy tub that can chill the water down to 3 degrees thanks to it’s integrated chiller.
It’s also available in White Marble or Midnight Opal acrylic

Chill Tub Specifications

Size1.8m x 0.85m x 0.75m
ColoursWhite Marble/Midnight Opal
Water capacity240 litres
FeaturesBuilt in anti freeze function
Power supply13 amp

Invigorice Blast

INVIGORICE ice baths are an invaluable tool for getting the most out of your post-exercise recovery.

A cold plunge pool from INVIGORICE is an effective means of boosting circulation, decreasing inflammation, and helping your muscles recover more quickly—and you’ll acclimate pretty quickly once you start a routine.

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Integrated Chiller Unit

The InvigorICE has it’s own built in chiller unit that lets you drop the temperature all the way down to a chilly 3 degrees!

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