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Koala Chair

£249.00 VAT included

This is the most comfortable chair you’ll ever sit in!
Come and have a try in our showroom.

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The frame here comes with a 10 Year Guarantee and the Fabrics have a 3 Year Guarantee …

The Iroko Hardwood & robust metal – this design is supremely attractive and the cushions are sumptuously spongy.

For those who haven’t heard of Iroko Hardwood it’s most common distribution is found in Tropical Africa and it’s widely recognised as being supremely easy to work and finish with a close similarity to teak in appearance and because of it excellent resistance to outdoor conditions.

The Iroko species is quite commonly used in Yacht Building.

Over time the wood will darken slightly in colour.

The Sumptuous Cushion …

This comes in four parts which can be unzipped from each other for easy storage and cleaning purposes.

There is a hollow fibre filling which makes the cushion supremely comfortable when attached to the unit.

Toughened fabric loops attached the cushion to the frame and can be attached or unattached in seconds – this clever little design also means that the cushion naturally shapes to the body when you sit in it therefore offering supreme all round comfort.

The hollow fibre fillings are removable and the outer fabric is washable to keep it bright and fresh over time.

There is a 2 week lead time on these.