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Heaven Scent: Using Fragrances to Unleash the Therapeutic Power of your Hot Tub

There’s nothing quite like slipping into your hot tub after a tiring day and letting your powerful jets work their magic on your aching bones and tight muscles. After a few minutes you begin to feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

But what if you’ve had a particularly stressful day? Your neck and back are particularly stiff? You feel more drained than normal? 

Or what if you pushed yourself a bit harder on your workout, ran a couple of miles more than usual or attacked one more hill on your bike?

Or you are just having trouble relaxing, or sleeping?

And your massaging jets are not quite enough.

You could book yourself into a spa for the weekend. Or you could get a good sports massage, see a chiropractor or an osteopath? That would do it.

You could… but who has the time or the money to do that every time you feel a bit ‘meh’?

Especially when you have a hot tub, right in your back garden. You just need to unleash the hidden powers of your hot tub. And you don’t have to leave the house or wear those funny little slippers.

By using spa fragrances, you can turn your hot tub into an aromatherapy machine that can alleviate all manner of ailments leaving you feel totally refreshed, relaxed and revitalised.

What fragrances can I use in my hot tub?

It is vital that you use aromatherapy crystals that are specifically designed for your hot tub. It may be tempting to use fragrances or crystals that aren’t hot tub specific but be warned. Many lotions and fragrances are made using oils which can easily clog up your filters and leave a nasty film on the surface of your water. These oils affect the finely balanced pH of your water which could result in you having completely clean and sanitise your tub and water.

There are a number of brands of aromatherapy scents on the market that are perfect for your hot tub. At Hot Tubs Rock, we stock the Spazazz range of crystals. They are one of the brand leaders, making hot tub fragrances sine 1993, so they know what they are doing and they have created a huge range of crystals for any occasion, whether it’s relaxation, muscle relaxation or just an alluring aroma to replace the hint of chlorine you might not be a fan of. 

What can I use aromatherapy crystals for?

The Spazazz range of hot tub fragrances that we stock at Hot Tubs rock all come in crystal form so it’s just a case of putting a couple of capfuls into your tub for that soothing aromatherapy experience (Check out our selection here). Fragrances not only enhance your hot tub experience, they can also improve your physical health and state of mind. Some fragrances are created to wash away those aches and pains, give you the pick-me-up that you need or soothe away the stresses and strains of modern life. Not to mention how good they smell.

Fragrances for your health and well being

If it is a boost to your health and state of mind that you are looking for, Spazazz have that covered as well. Using their blend of aromas and natural extracts, there is a fragrance for everything. Boost your energy and leave your tub feeling reinvigorated, try Spazazz’s Energy Therapy. Or relax your body and mind and get a restful sleep with their Skin Therapy blend. If you feel tight chested, then release the tension in your lungs with the powerful soothing vapours of the Respiratory Therapy crystals. Or if you are just looking to use your tub to restore your skin’s healthy glow, try the Skinny Soak crystals which are designed to tighten your skin, leaving you feel relaxed, and your skin completely moisturised.

Fragrances to soothe your stresses and strains

Aching muscles and joints? Tight or tired muscles? Then there are a few blends you can try to put the spring back into your step. Spazazz’s Joint Therapy uses a therapeutic blend of natural botanicals to boost your circulation and reduce inflammation. For instant relief for your aching muscles, try the Muscle Therapy or the Sports Therapy blend. Both are crafted to soothe away those aches and pains. You just need to fire up those jets and restore.

Fragrances to wash away the stresses of everyday life

Stress is a part of our everyday lives but finding relief from stress can be difficult. With Spazazz’s Stress Therapy, you can combine a relaxing soak in your tub with the powerful aromas that will help reduce anxiety and leave you feeling rejuvenated, as well as helping with inflammation, aches and pains. What better way to restore vitality after a hard day at work. Just pop in those crystals and let your worries melt away.

A good soak in the tub without any crystals will soften your skin and restore its natural moisture so you feel fresh and pampered. Adding crystals just amplifies the restorative powers of your hot tub and can make every dip a special occasion. Fragrances such as Apple Sandlewood Revive, Coconut and Vanilla or Pina Colada will transport you away from the humdrum of everyday life and your back garden will feel like a tropical beach or a relaxing forest glade. They are perfect for a hot tub party or when you just want to treat your body, your mind and your senses.

Have a look at our range of Spazazz Aromatherapy crystals and treat yourself to a luxurious, aromatic dip.