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Why your pH levels of your hot tub water are important

Chances are, you bought a hot tub to kick back and relax, enjoy some family time or relieve the aches and pains of exercise or everyday life. You knew there would be some maintenance for you to do to make sure that your hot tub is in prime condition every time you need it. (see our maintenance guide here for a comprehensive breakdown of all the maintenance you need to do) But you may have found yourself, like a mad scientist, dipping your testing strips in your water, searching for that perfect pH level. If that is the case, take…

O Care: Making Hot Tub Water Maintenance Easy

Getting the chemicals right in your hot tub or spa is vital to maintain healthy, clean and safe water for you to use every time you fancy a dip. The chlorine levels in your water go up and down in your tub. This can result in itchy skin or red eyes which no-one wants. But there is something that can make keeping your hot tub water sparkling, safe and clear even easier.

Chlorine tablets vs Chlorine granules: which is best for your hot tub?

Chlorine is the sanitiser most hot tub owners choose to keep their water clean and bacteria-free. Over 85% of hot tub owners use chlorine simply because of its cleaning power. One question we get asked a lot by new hot tub owners is: ‘Should I use chlorine granules or chlorine tablets in my hot tub?’ In this blog, we will go over the main features and benefits of each so you can make the right decision for you. Chlorine granules are a powdered form of chlorine, designed to dissolve in your hot tub water so they are added directly to…

How to keep your hot tub water clean and sparkly

As the Summer approaches, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to spend more and more time in your hot tub. I mean – why wouldn’t you? So imagine getting home from work on a balmy summer’s evening, thinking about grabbing a cold drink, jumping into your tub and letting those jets work their magic only to pop the cover off to find that your water is more minestrone soup than Maldives. Here are our top tips to ensure that every time you need your tub, your water is sparkling clean, safe and hygienic. Keep up with your water testing Maintaining…

How to drain, flush and refill your hot tub

Periodically, you should flush out your pipes, drain your tub and give it a good clean to keep it safe, sparkling and inviting. But don’t worry. It’s quite simple. Read on to find out how.

Do I Need to Get my Hot Tub Serviced?

Our handy guide gives you the lowdown on hot tub servicing: do you need to get your hot tub serviced, how often should you get it done and what does a hot tub service entail?

Your Guide to Hot Tub Maintenance and Cleaning

Ok, so you’ve invested in a hot tub – but tempting as it is to immediately sink into a delicious tub of warm water and feel the stresses of the day melt away, firstly you need to get a handle on your hot tub maintenance. Hot tub, spa, Jacuzzi – whatever you want to call it, there is a great deal of pleasure and relaxation to be had in owning one. But, it’s not all plain sailing, as with any pleasurable hobby, it requires a bit of work - mainly, a basic understanding of water chemistry and a simple schedule…