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O Care: Making Hot Tub Water Maintenance Easy

Getting the chemicals right in your hot tub or spa is vital to maintaining healthy, clean and safe water for you to use every time you fancy a dip. The chlorine levels in your water go up and down in your tub. This can result in itchy skin or red eyes which no-one wants. But there is something that can make keeping your hot tub water sparkling, safe and clear even easier.

O Care is a water treatment that will take the hard work out of keeping your water clean. It’s a simple solution you add to your water each week making water care much easier.

Why Use O Care?

Using O Care has so many benefits: 

  • It can reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine you use in your tub by up to 78%
  • It makes the water soft, silky and crystal clear, enhancing your hot tub experience
  • After using your hot tub, your skin will feel smooth and smell nice, not like chemicals (meaning you don’t need to shower afterwards)
  • It prevents sediment build-up in your tub, even when your sanitiser levels are low
  • It makes the water much safer for children (who love to go underwater)
  • It doesn’t change the chemical balance of the water like some water conditioners do
  • It’s made from natural high-quality mineral salts and it is non-aggressive
  • It will reduce the wear and tear on your hot tub parts
  • Because it is more gentle, it is perfect for sensitive skin.

How Do I Use O Care?

O-Care uses two different compounds to treat your water so in every pack you will find two bottles. First, you need to check the volume of your hot tub. Next, you need to refer to the dosing chart on the bottle to work out how much you need to add.

Measure out the right amount from O-Care bottles 1 and 2 into the measuring cup. Now add the O-Care to your hot tub. Pop the pumps on for a few minutes to make sure it is evenly distributed. 

Next, you just need to add some sanitiser and test the water to check your pH and sanitiser levels. Then you’re good to go.

If the water goes cloudy, don’t worry. That just means that the O-Care is working and it will clear up in a couple of hours. As O-Care is great for removing sediment, be sure to clean your filters regularly to get rid of all that sediment and to keep your system working efficiently. 

Repeat the process every week and your water will be silky soft, sparkling and much nicer for you and your family to enjoy.

Do I still need to use chlorine or bromine?

Yes. You still need to use your standard chemicals, whether that’s chlorine or bromine. O-Care works alongside your chemicals, offering an extra layer of protection and reducing the amount of chemicals you will need.

Together, O-Care and your chemicals not only keep your water clean and sanitary, but the O-Care also enhances your hot tub experience for you and your family by making the water much softer and clearer. It is much safer for children to swim underwater and for people whose skin may be sensitive to harsh chemicals and you will not smell like chemicals when you get out, so you won’t have to take a shower to wash the chemicals off.


For us at Hot Tubs Rock, recommending using O-Care is a no-brainer. It keeps your water clean and clear. It makes your hot tub experience more enjoyable. Your skin feels nicer and no more chemical smell. It’s a non-aggressive natural product and it prolongs the life of your hot tub parts by working with your sanitiser to remove more sediment. Just try it. You’ll be amazed at how different the water feels and your skin feels after.