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Hot Tub Hire from just £200

Hiring a hot tub is an awesome way to enjoy a luxury at an affordable price, without the commitment of buying one.

Solid or Inflatable, what’s the difference? – Read Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver to Gloucestershire, South Wales, Bristol & the South West, Monmouth and Herefordshire.

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Hire for a special occasion

Treat your loved ones to a hot tub at home for a birthday or anniversary. It makes your special occasion unforgettable with Hot Tub based memories.

Or simply have some fun with the family, it really is wonderful!

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Have a holiday at home

Have the ultimate staycation without leaving your home. Take a break from life without taking time off from work. We provide the hot tub, you just need to relax.

It’s time to treat yourself! What are you waiting for?

In fact you don’t need a reason, just hire a hot tub, you won’t regret it

Teri Chance

From start to finish, their customer service cannot be faulted. I purchased an inflatable tub from Hot Tub Rocks initially to determine if I would use, enjoy and benefit from owning a tub of my own. 12 months on I have upgraded to an all singing, all dancing model that I can honestly say is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Hot Tubs Rocks have provided me with “pressureless” advice and service and a one stop shop for all things tub related. Thank Angharad, Joe & Team 🤩

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Nicholas Bird

Amazing service! Thank you to the team who helped with a relocation!

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joel pearse

What an amazing company, great showroom, fantastic customer service. If you are thinking of purchasing a hot tub Hot tubs rock is definitely the place to go. No pressure on the sales and great advice given. Thanks to all the team 👏👏👏

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Try a Hot tub before you buy

Find out how a hot tub will fit into your life and garden. You can even get a discount if you buy from us

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Ever wanted to buy a hot tub, but not sure if it’s for you?
Not sure how much you will use it? How will it look in your garden?

We have the perfect solution for you… why not try before you buy?

Hire an inflatable tub and if you decide to buy a new one from us at the end of the hire we will give you £100 off your purchase!

Or hire a solid tub and if you buy one at the end of the hire we will give you £200 off your purchase… it’s a no brainer!

Now obviously when we say this we mean that you would have to buy one of OUR tubs and you must order it and pay within 7 days of the end of your hire. We even have some spas in stock, so it would be with you before you know it.  What are you waiting for?

Quatro Spa at Lodge Barn

Four week hire. The ultimate indulgence

Maybe you’re planning a party… or a staycation… or just a bit of luxury for you, it’s time to treat yourself! Our four week hire is the ultimate way to treat yourself.

Read on for some more information and options or check availability and book!

Do you own a holiday property? Find out how you can hire a hot tub for your guests.

Adrian Hazard

From meeting the team at the Malvern Show to ordering the hot tub, delivery and subsequent resupply orders. I haven't failed to be impressed by this company. Excellent customer service and follow up support Care. Highly recommended 👌

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Howdy Peeps

Exceptional. Living in a cottage with very limited access I'd had significant trouble in finding someone who could supply and install a hard shell tub (first world problems, right?).

Went to the showroom on Saturday, they sent someone to survey on Monday, and hot tub was installed a week later. Result of sending someone to actually have a look at the access meant they saved me £1500 on crane costs.

Excellent product, friendly, funny, efficient and professional service, and even a free cake in the post. Chuffed!

Thanks team!

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Graham Witchard

What can I say about Hot Tubs Rock..

From visiting the showroom on a Sunday last year to the delivery and then a delayed installation because our patio had been delayed the customer service was incredible...

Nothing was too much trouble and any questions were dealt with professionally...

We love our tub and would recommend the guys at Hot Tubs Rock to anyone who is looking to hire or purchase a tub...

Thank you Team Hot Tubs Rock for all your help it is very much appreciated by us all...

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Let’s talk about Hot Tubs

What’s the difference between an inflatable and solid hot tub?

One of the first things you need to decide when hiring (or buying) a hot tub is whether you’d like a solid or inflatable one.

We often get asked “What is the difference between a solid and an inflatable tub?”

Besides the obvious answer (one is inflated and one is solid!) there are some distinct differences:

One of the first things you need to decide when hiring (or buying) a hot tub is whether you’d like a solid or inflatable one.

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Solid Hot Tub
Inflatable hot tub and Hot Tubs Rock van
Inflatable Hot Tub

Access for installation


Access is restricted due to the tubs needing to be rolled into place. They cannot be lifted over objects or carried anywhere as they weigh 180kg. If we don’t have a clear, straight run that is at least 80cm wide and 180cm high for the smaller tub and 80cm wide and 200cm high for the large tubs then they will not fit.


Anywhere that an adult can fit, an inflatable can be carried and set up.

We can go through houses and up steps with no problems.



These tubs have moulded seats inside the tub; some seats are bench style and some are shaped.


These tubs have no seats: you sit on the floor. The floor is padded and comfortable and it does give you the ability to stretch out more. However the lack of a structured seat can make it trickier for those with mobility issues.



All of our solid tubs have hydro jets. This means they shoot air and warm water out from strategically placed jets on the sides of the tub at high pressure. They can be used to target specific aching muscles or joints, for example, the lower back. The jets have two levels of intensity, and they can also be individually switched off.


The inflatable tubs have air jets which work by blowing air into the water from the bottom of the tub, creating a gentle massaging effect. You will still have the rejuvenating bubbles, but not at the higher pressure that hydro jets in the solid tubs are capable of. In the inflatable tub the jets are either all on or all off, there is no way of controlling them individually.



We supply a hydraulic lid lift with every solid tub, for easy and safe removal of the lid.

In the case of both types of tub the lid clips in all around the tub when not in use, to keep the heat in and unwanted items out.


The lid is also inflatable, and must be lifted off and set safely to one side.
In the case of both types of tub the lid clips in all around the tub when not in use, to keep the heat in and unwanted items out.



These are dispensed from within the tub during use, requiring no customer involvement other than regular testing.


These are dispensed from a floating dispenser in the tub, which you will need to top up.


Both solid and inflatable hot tubs heat the water to a very toasty 40 degrees Celsius.

Choosing which type of tub can be a very personal choice, depending on the occasion for the hire, the access and budget.

We are always happy to help and give advice… just contact us.

So the next thing to decide is whether you’d like to…


You probably have a few questions you’d like to ask before booking your hot tub. Here are some questions and answers to get you started:

Where can a Hot Tub Go?

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Can the hot tubs go on grass?

Yes, our hot tubs can go on grass but only with our flooring which incurs an additional £25 charge and in the summer months only. Please bear in mind that your grass can be damaged from lack of oxygen and it may be preferable to find an alternative location.

Can the hot tubs go on decking?

Yes, our hot tubs can go on decking. However, please bear in mind that to accommodate our hot tubs your deck must be able to sufficiently handle 1200kg of weight, plus an average weight of 80kg for each person who will simultaneously occupy the tub.

Can the hot tubs go on patios?

Yes, our hot tubs are perfect for patios. Your patio must be able to sufficiently handle 1200kg of weight, plus an average weight of 80kg for each person who will simultaneously occupy the tub.

My garden is uneven, should I put something down to level it?

Both types of tub can cope with slightly uneven ground when coupled with our plastic flooring, for which there is a £20 charge.
Inflatables can also handle slightly sloping surfaces but obviously this is reflected in the tub water level.
Solid tubs however cannot be sited on sloping ground and need a very level surface for the filtration and jets to operate correctly.

What do I need?

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Flooring on grass
Orbis solid tub with blue sky
6 person solid hot tub on patio
Do I need an outside socket?

No you don’t need an outside socket as we provide various lengths of weatherproof extension leads up to 25m that can go through a window to plug in inside.

Do I need an outside tap?

No you don’t need an outside tap, as we carry various tap connectors on the van!
However, we will need notifying beforehand and a photo of the tap head sent to us, to ensure we have the correct fitting for your tap.

Do I need a hose pipe?

No you don’t need a hose pipe, we carry several lengths of hose on the van.

I’d like to put the tub 30 metres from my house. Do I need to buy a longer hose?

No, there’s no need for you to buy a hose for this. We have hoses to cover that distance.

How does this work?

How many people fit in a hot tub?

Our hot tubs are designed to accommodate four or six adults depending upon which size you have booked.

How long does it take to fill a hot tub?

This depends entirely on the water pressure at your property. Generally it takes anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours to fill a hot tub. We will start the filling process and leave you to finish filling and turn the tub on.

Are the hot tubs cleaned between hires?

Absolutely, yes. Each hot tub is deep cleaned and sanitised between hires. On delivery, your tub is cleaned again and ‘shock-treated’ with chemicals to ensure the highest level of hygiene. Each tub hire also includes a brand new filter.

Will I have to deal with chemicals?

Yes, we provide a chemical kit with every hire that includes test strips and a range of chemicals for you to maintain the quality of the water of your hot tub.

There is a manual included in the chemical kit but you will also be sent a video detailing the daily tests and checks you will be required to carry out for the duration of your hire.

How much water will the tub use?

Depending on the size of tub you hire it will require between 800 and 1100 litres of water to fill. You shouldn’t need to top up the level unless considerable splashing occurs.

Does the hot tub need plugging in the whole time?

Yes it does. The motor needs to be plugged in to maintain the temperature in your tub and constantly filter the water. The heating element operates like the central heating thermostat in your home, so only cuts in when the water temperature drops, but the filter pump will run the whole time.

How much will the electricity cost, to run the hot tub?

Of course this is a bit tricky to say, as the cost will depends on use and on your electricity tariff.

If you are on a pre-paid meter it will cost more, but an average hire will use between £10 and £20 in a week.

Can you provide a gazebo with your hot tubs?

Yes we can provide a gazebo for an additional charge of £35.  These are the canopy only (without sides).

We can site the gazebo on patio / decking or on grass but we need to know which surface upon booking, so that we can bring the correct anchoring system.

You can upgrade to add LED strip lighting for £5, or a disco light with bluetooth speaker for just £10. Or both!

Does the hot tub come with a lid?

Yes, all hot tubs are supplied with lids which must be clipped in at all times when the tub isn’t in use.

The solid tubs also come with a hydraulic lid lifter to assist in the removal of the lid.

Do I need to empty the hot tub ready for collection?

No. When we arrive to collect the tub we need it plugged in and switched on so we can test everything. Also the water needs to be hot in the tub especially in winter months, as freezing temperatures can damage the pump. We use a high speed submersible pump to empty the hot tub to the nearest drain or can pump straight onto your garden.

What do I need to prepare for my hot tub hire?

Prepare for your hot tub hire by reviewing our Hot Tubs Rock Terms & Conditions.  If you still have any questions, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

What about installation?

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IMG 1212 medium
How long does installation take?

It takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to install a hot tub, depending on type. Access restrictions can delay the process.

Are there any places you can’t get to, to install the hot tubs?

The inflatable tubs are very compact when deflated, allowing us to deliver them to almost any location that a human can walk.  If you’re hiring a gazebo too we need a clear area of 3 square metres.

The solid tubs do have access restrictions, so a video will need to be sent before we accept a booking to check for any obstacles. We have two sizes that need minimum 80cm width, the standard needs 1.8m in height clearance, and the large needs 2m height.  Both are rolled into place and cannot be lifted or pushed up steep gradients. They both need a clear space of 3m x 2.5m to allow for steps and lid lifter.

Please see the short video below to get an idea of what access we need.

What are you waiting for?

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