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Three women in a hot tub

Hot Tub Hire Malmesbury

When it comes to Hiring a Hot Tub, We love to assist you!

Experience Ultimate Relaxation with Hot Tub Hire Malmesbury

Immerse yourself in unmatched luxury at Hot Tub Hire Malmesbury; our mission stretches far beyond the idea of simple hot tub provision. We strive to create lasting memories and sumptuous experiences right in the sanctuary of your abode or at your chosen gathering place. The dedicated team at Hot Tubs Rock is fervently focused on transforming your leisure time into an enjoyable festivity filled with joy, perfect for any kind of jubilee.

Tailor-Made Hot Tub Adventures Crafted Just for You

Imagine relinquishing all your stress amidst the gentle massage of a premier hot tub, as it carries away the strains of your everyday hustle. Whether it’s a celebratory occasion or a quest for some serene repose, our bespoke hot tub services are designed to harmonize with your individual tastes and desires.

Yearning for an enchanting escape? Delight your little ones with an enchanting unicorn-themed hot tub party, overflowing with wonder and splendor. Or transport yourself to an inviting beachside experience with a vibrant Hawaiian-themed party, encapsulating the laid-back and impulsive vibe of the tropics. For those pre-nuptial festivities, our exuberant Hen Do experiences bring the fun to your doorstep, complete with a dusting of dazzle.

Personalised Options for Every Sentiment and Soiree

Our expansive selection is primed to suit the most pacific retreats, family gatherings, or elaborate parties. Choose from our assortment of 4-person, 6-person, or 7-person hot tubs, to fit any space and accommodate any party size. Elevate your hot tub adventure with our premium options:

  • Stylish Gazebos: For that private oasis of indulgence.
  • Mood-Setting LED Globe Lights: For cultivating the perfect ambiance with enchanting light play.
  • Ebullient Party Disco Lights: Party until the break of dawn with a spectrum of lively colors dancing to the beat.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: Set up your personalized soundtrack for the occasion.
  • Customizable Photo Booth Frames and Accessories: Create indelible memories with a touch of persona.
  • Ice-Cold Champagne Buckets with Stands: Your drinks stay cool as you bask in the hot tub’s warmth.

Assurance of Excellence

Our assurance is to provide more than just incredible moments; we aim to guarantee an effortless journey with meticulous attention to detail. Our pride is reflected in our certification by the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA), ensuring we meet the highest industry benchmarks. Expect faultless hygiene, supreme safety, and peerless quality with each hire.

Step into the Festivities

Engage in the merrymaking with Hot Tubs Rock, Hot Tub Hire Malmesbury. We are enthusiastic and prepared to aid in unlocking a host of possibilities for your forthcoming festivity. Reach out to us—our friendly and skilled team is on hand to guide you through your hire process and answer all your questions.

A spectacular Hot Tub Party is just an inquiry away. Contact us today and let us navigate you through an experience replete with joy and treasured memories!

Solid or Inflatable, what’s the difference? – Read Frequently Asked Questions

You can hire a hot tub in Malmesbury. Just book on our easy-to-use booking system and then we turn up to set it all up, fill it and leave you with chemicals to look after it along with very helpful instructions on what to do. You also have a Whatsapp number to contact at any time of day. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our hire fleet


4 or 6-person inflatable

This is where Angharad started Hot Tubs Rock in 2015 and these have remained the same tough and functional tubs all of that time!

They can be carried through anywhere a person can walk and set up within minutes!

A great option if you have limited access to our solid tubs!

There are no seats, just a completely open space so you can stretch out.

It has an optional LED color-changing lighting so you can set the color to suit your mood or let it cycle gently through all colors

4 person – 196cm diameter x 71cm tall
Prices are: Weekend £150 – Week £200 – 2 weeks £350

6 person – 216cm diameter x 71cm tall
Prices are: Weekend £200 – Week £250 – 2 weeks £400

2 Person Solid

This hot tub is perfect for one or two people. You each sit facing each other making it easy to converse or look lovingly into each other’s eyes!

It has LED colour-changing lighting so you can set the colour to suit your mood or let it cycle gently through all colours

You each have a drinks holder and set of steps too.

It’s just 180cm long x 120cm wide x 74cm tall so can fir just about anywhere.

Prices are: Weekend £200 – Week £250 – 2 Weeks £400

2 seater solid
4-5 seater solid hire tub

4-5 Person Round Solid

This wonderful hot tub has a big step to aid getting in and once you’re there you have the choice of a captain’s seat or anywhere on the bench seat. You can really stretch out and you’re not fixed in one position.

It has LED colour-changing lighting so you can set the colour to suit your mood or let it cycle gently through all colours

It’s 180cm in diameter x 74cm tall so will even fi through the front door of a house

Prices are: Weekend £250 – Week £300 – 2 weeks £450 – 4 weeks £900

5-6 Person Round Solid

This wonderful hot tub has a big step to aid getting in and once you’re there you have the choice of a captain’s seat or anywhere on the bench seat. You can stretch out and you’re not fixed in one position.

It has LED colour-changing lighting so you can set the colour to suit your mood or let it cycle gently through all colours

It’s 200cm diameter x 74cm tall and is just rolled into place

this is the most popular tub in our fleet so gets booked up quickly

Prices are: Weekend £300 – Week £350 – 2 weeks £500 – 4 weeks £1000

5-6 seater solid
5 seater square

5 Person Square Solid

This is more like how you think a hot tub should be with two loungers and three seats, it really is a very comfortable experience!

It has LED colour changing lighting so you can set the colour to suit you mood or let it cycle gently through all colours

It’s 200cm x 200cm x 74cm tall and brought into place on a sled

Prices are: Weekend £300 – Week £350 – 2 weeks £500 – 4 weeks £1000

7 Person Solid

This is a proper hot tub! It seats 7 people in its generous seats and has a multitude of powerful jets to soothe all of your aches and pains away.

It has LED colour-changing lighting so you can set the colour to suit your mood or let it cycle gently through all colours

It’s 200cm x 200cm x 80cmcm tall and brought into place on a sled

This is the ultimate luxury and we only have two in the fleet so they get booked up quickly!

Prices are: 2 weeks £600 – 4 weeks £1000

7 seater acrylic
Karen Roberts

Fantastic service from our 1st visit, superb helpful advice with no pressure to buy.
Very helpful again when we wet tested a hot tub and then decided to purchase the ex display model.
The install team were very professional and got it set up quickly and explained all the controls.
Unfortunately after about 6 weeks of loving the tub and using it almost every day, we discovered a leak, but the benefit of buying from a local company was that they sent someone out the next day, and found and fixed the issue of a loose pipe quickly.
I would definitely recommend this company, the after sales service is fantastic, we definitely feel like our hot tub is in safe hands with this company.

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Kelly Roland

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Gill Sampson

We hired a hot tub for the weekend and had a great time. The service from Hot Tubs Rock was excellent. The set up and removal was seamless, and the communication from the office was very efficient. I would highly recommend them.

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Try a Hot tub before you buy

Find out how a hot tub will fit into your life and garden. You can even get a discount if you buy from us


Ever wanted to buy a hot tub, but not sure if it’s for you?
Not sure how much you will use it? How will it look in your garden?

We have the perfect solution for you… why not try before you buy?

Hire an inflatable tub and if you decide to buy a new one from us at the end of the hire we will give you £100 off your purchase!

Or hire a solid tub and if you buy one at the end of the hire we will give you £200 off your purchase… it’s a no brainer!

It can be any hot tub in our range too not just the one you’ve hired!

Try before buy 1 hire a hot tub
Quatro Spa at Lodge Barn hire a hot tub

Four week hire. The ultimate indulgence

Maybe you’re planning a party… or a staycation… or just a bit of luxury for you, it’s time to treat yourself! Our four week hire is the ultimate way to treat yourself.

Read on for some more information and options or check availability and book!

Do you own a holiday property? Find out how you can hire a hot tub for your guests.

Julie Brassington

Fantastic Service all round. From purchasing a hot tub and 'accessories' to installation and beyond. After purchasing a hot tub from them they have always been on hand with good quality help and advice with any queries. I would be happy to recommend their business to anyone.

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Nesta Vokes

Visited for the first time today and had an absolutely great time.
We were made to feel incredibly welcome, and the smell as you walk in, is amazing (so much so, we bought the same exact reed diffuser and room spray).
We bought a few items and found everything to be very reasonably priced, as well as supportive of local businesses, which is a huge plus.
We also asked for some advice regarding purchasing a hot tub. Angharad is incredibly knowledgeable, and gave us lots of info and advice. We were in no way pressured to buy and will absolutely be back when we do decide to go ahead.

All in all, a great experience. Thank you.
We’ll see you again soon 😊

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A few years ago, we purchased a high-quality hot tub from this company. Recognizing that a hot tub is a significant investment, we sought out a company that prioritized customer satisfaction. Fortunately, we found exactly what we were looking for. From the moment we placed our order, their communication was transparent and efficient. The post-purchase support has been unparalleled, and their overall customer service is truly exceptional. While there are plenty of companies that may inflate their promises and stroke your ego, if you value professionalism and attention to detail, these are the individuals you should choose.

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Let’s talk about Hot Tubs

What’s the difference between an inflatable and a solid hot tub?

One of the first things you need to decide when hiring (or buying) a hot tub is whether you’d like a solid or inflatable one.

We often get asked, “What is the difference between a solid and an inflatable tub?”

Besides the obvious answer (one is inflated and one is solid!) there are some distinct differences:

One of the first things you need to decide when hiring (or buying) a hot tub is whether you’d like a solid or inflatable one.

Forest coach house drinks hire a hot tub
Solid Hot Tub
Inflatable hot tub and Hot Tubs Rock van hire a hot tub
Inflatable Hot Tub

Access for installation


Access is restricted due to the tubs needing to be rolled into place. They cannot be lifted over objects or carried anywhere as they weigh 180kg. If we don’t have a clear, straight run that is at least 80cm wide and 180cm high for the smaller tub and 80cm wide and 200cm high for the large tubs then they will not fit.


Anywhere that an adult can fit, an inflatable can be carried and set up.

We can go through houses and up steps with no problems.



These tubs have moulded seats inside the tub; some seats are bench style and some are shaped.


These tubs have no seats: you sit on the floor. The floor is padded and comfortable and it does give you the ability to stretch out more. However the lack of a structured seat can make it trickier for those with mobility issues.



All of our solid tubs have hydro jets. This means they shoot air and warm water out from strategically placed jets on the sides of the tub at high pressure. They can be used to target specific aching muscles or joints, for example, the lower back. The jets have two levels of intensity, and they can also be individually switched off.


The inflatable tubs have air jets which work by blowing air into the water from the bottom of the tub, creating a gentle massaging effect. You will still have the rejuvenating bubbles, but not at the higher pressure that hydro jets in the solid tubs are capable of. In the inflatable tub the jets are either all on or all off, there is no way of controlling them individually.



We supply a hydraulic lid lift with every solid tub, for easy and safe removal of the lid.

In the case of both types of tub the lid clips in all around the tub when not in use, to keep the heat in and unwanted items out.


The lid is also inflatable, and must be lifted off and set safely to one side.
In the case of both types of tub the lid clips in all around the tub when not in use, to keep the heat in and unwanted items out.



These are dispensed from within the tub during use, requiring no customer involvement other than regular testing.


These are dispensed from a floating dispenser in the tub, which you will need to top up.


Both solid and inflatable hot tubs heat the water to a very toasty 40 degrees Celsius.

Choosing which type of tub can be a very personal choice, depending on the occasion for the hire, the access and budget.

We are always happy to help and give advice… just contact us.

So the next thing to decide is whether you’d like to…


You probably have a few questions you’d like to ask before booking your hot tub. Here are some questions and answers to get you started:

Where can a Hot Tub Go?

Hire a hot tub solid tub on patio
Hire a hot tub solid tub holiday let
Can the hot tubs go on grass?

Yes, our hot tubs can go on grass but only with our flooring which incurs an additional £25 charge and in the summer months only. Please bear in mind that your grass can be damaged from lack of oxygen and it may be preferable to find an alternative location.

Can the hot tubs go on decking?

Yes, our hot tubs can go on decking. However, please bear in mind that to accommodate our hot tubs your deck must be able to sufficiently handle 1200kg of weight, plus an average weight of 80kg for each person who will simultaneously occupy the tub.

Can the hot tubs go on patios?

Yes, our hot tubs are perfect for patios. Your patio must be able to sufficiently handle 1200kg of weight, plus an average weight of 80kg for each person who will simultaneously occupy the tub.

My garden is uneven, should I put something down to level it?

Both types of tub can cope with slightly uneven ground when coupled with our plastic flooring, for which there is a £25 charge.
Inflatables can also handle slightly sloping surfaces but obviously this is reflected in the tub water level.
Solid tubs however cannot be sited on sloping ground and need a very level surface for the filtration and jets to operate correctly.

What do I need?

hire a hot tub Intex inflatable
Flooring on grass
Orbis solid tub with blue sky hire a hot tub
6 person solid hot tub on patio
Do I need an outside socket?

No you don’t need an outside socket as we provide various lengths of weatherproof extension leads up to 25m that can go through a window to plug in inside.

Do I need an outside tap?

No you don’t need an outside tap, as we carry various tap connectors on the van!
However, we will need notifying beforehand and a photo of the tap head sent to us, to ensure we have the correct fitting for your tap.

Do I need a hose pipe?

No you don’t need a hose pipe, we carry several lengths of hose on the van.

I’d like to put the tub 30 meters from my house. Do I need to buy a longer hose?

No, there’s no need for you to buy a hose for this. We have hoses to cover that distance.

How does this work?

How many people fit in a hot tub?

Our hot tubs are designed to accommodate two, four or six adults depending upon which size you have booked.

How long does it take to fill a hot tub?

This depends entirely on the water pressure at your property. Generally, it takes anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours to fill a hot tub. We will start the filling process and leave you to finish filling and turn the tub on.

Are the hot tubs cleaned between hires?

Absolutely, yes. Each hot tub is deep cleaned and sanitised between hires. On delivery, your tub is cleaned again and ‘shock-treated’ with chemicals to ensure the highest level of hygiene. Each tub hire also includes a brand-new filter.

Will I have to deal with chemicals?

Yes, we provide a chemical kit with every hire that includes test strips and a range of chemicals for you to maintain the quality of the water in your hot tub.

There is a manual included in the chemical kit but you will also be sent a video detailing the daily tests and checks you will be required to carry out for the duration of your hire.

How much water will the tub use?

Depending on the size of the tub you hire it will require between 600 and 1000 litres of water to fill. You shouldn’t need to top up the level unless considerable splashing occurs.

Does the hot tub need plugging in the whole time?

Yes, it does. The motor needs to be plugged in to maintain the temperature in your tub and constantly filter the water. The heating element operates like the central heating thermostat in your home, so only cuts in when the water temperature drops, but the filter pump will run the whole time.

How much will the electricity cost, to run the hot tub?

Of course, this is a bit tricky to say, as the cost will depend on your use and on your electricity tariff.

If you are on a pre-paid meter it will cost more, but an average hire will use between £20 and £30 in a week.

Can you provide a gazebo with your hot tubs?

Yes, we can provide a gazebo for an additional charge of £35.  These are the canopy only (without sides).

We can site the gazebo on patio/decking or on grass but we need to know which surface upon booking so that we can bring the correct anchoring system.

You can upgrade to add LED strip lighting for £5, or a disco light with Bluetooth speaker for just £10. Or both!

Does the hot tub come with a lid?

Yes, all hot tubs are supplied with lids which must be clipped in at all times when the tub isn’t in use.

The solid tubs also come with a hydraulic lid lifter to assist in the removal of the lid.

Do I need to empty the hot tub ready for collection?

No. When we arrive to collect the tub we need it plugged in and switched on so we can test everything. Also, the water needs to be hot in the tub especially in winter months, as freezing temperatures can damage the pump. We use a high-speed submersible pump to empty the hot tub to the nearest drain or can pump straight into your garden.

What do I need to prepare for my hot tub hire?

Prepare for your hot tub hire by reviewing our Hot Tubs Rock Terms & Conditions.  If you still have any questions, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

What about installation?

Hire a hot tub rolling
Hire a hot tub door way
How long does installation take?

It takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to install a hot tub, depending on type. Access restrictions can delay the process.

Are there any places you can’t get to, to install the hot tubs?

The inflatable tubs are very compact when deflated, allowing us to deliver them to almost any location that a human can walk.  If you’re hiring a gazebo too we need a clear area of 3 square metres.

The solid tubs do have access restrictions, so a video will need to be sent before we accept a booking to check for any obstacles. We have two sizes that need a minimum of 80cm width, the standard needs 1.8m in height clearance, and the large needs 2m height.  Both are rolled into place and cannot be lifted or pushed up steep gradients. They both need a clear space of 3m x 2.5m to allow for steps and lid lifter.

Please see the short video below to get an idea of what access we need.

What are you waiting for?

Final 80 no WM medium