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Swim Spa

Swim Spa UK: Explore Our Friendly and Professional Swim Spa Solutions in the UK

Swim spas offer an exceptional blend of relaxation and exercise, making them a standout choice for health and leisure in any home. In the UK, swim spas have grown tremendously in popularity, as they provide the perfect solution for those with limited space who still dream of the benefits that come with swimming. Compact yet versatile, a swim spa in the UK enables homeowners to enjoy the therapeutic and fitness benefits of a swimming pool, coupled with the hydrotherapy features of a hot tub, all year round in any climate. Whether for improving physical health, unwinding after a long day, or family fun, a swim spa offers a practical and delightful water experience, We’re an independent hot tub and swim spa UK sales company based in Lydney in the Forest of Dean. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we go the extra mile to make your dreams of relaxation come true.


Swim Spa UK

Discover Your Ideal Swim Spa: Your Questions Answered by UK Experts

Embarking on the journey to select the perfect swim spa can bring up a variety of questions, and we understand the importance of finding the right answers. Our dedicated team specialises in offering personalised swim spa solutions, and we’re always more than ready to provide the information you need.

Whether you’re curious about features, installation, maintenance, or anything else related to our swim spas, please know that our doors are always open for your enquiries. Professionalism is at the heart of our service, and we pride ourselves on a friendly approach that puts your needs first.

For any additional assistance or detailed queries, our experts encourage you to reach out directly. We’re here to ensure your swim spa choice is well-informed and perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

To our valued customers across the UK: We’ve got you covered! Our comprehensive delivery network spans the entire region, ensuring that your chosen swim spa arrives at your doorstep, no matter where you are located.

Connect with us today, and let’s make your dream of relaxation and year-round swimming a reality with the best swim spa experience in the UK

1. What is the difference between hot tubs and swim spas?

The primary difference between hot tubs and swim spas lies in their size and purpose. Hot tubs are smaller and designed mainly for relaxation and hydrotherapy with stationary, warm water and targeted jets. In contrast, swim spas are larger and serve a dual function, providing both the features of a hot tub and the ability for swimming or exercising against a water current. Swim spas usually have designated areas for exercise and seated relaxation

2. Are swim spas really worth it?

Swim spas can be worth it if you are looking for a versatile piece of equipment that offers both exercise and relaxation. They are ideal for those who want the benefits of water-based exercise and therapy but have limited space or resources for both a pool and a hot tub. Their value will depend on your personal needs, lifestyle, and how frequently you’ll use them for exercise, therapy, or entertainment

3. Can you actually swim in a swim spa?

You can indeed swim in a swim spa. Swim spas are designed with a powerful jet or flow of water that creates resistance, allowing you to swim in place, effectively providing an endless pool experience. It is ideal for both amateur and professional swimmers looking to improve their swimming strokes and endurance without the need for a full-sized swimming pool

4. Is it expensive to run a swim spa?

The cost to run a swim spa depends on various factors, including the size of the spa, the frequency of use, the efficiency of the heating and filtration systems, and local energy prices. Swim spas require more energy than hot tubs due to their larger volume of water and the equipment needed to generate a swim current. Proper insulation and a quality cover can help reduce these costs

5. Do you need planning permission for a swim spa in the UK?

In the UK, you generally do not need planning permission for a swim spa provided it is installed in the back garden and does not exceed a certain size or height. However, there may be exceptions, especially in conservation areas or if the spa will be placed close to a neighbour’s property. Always check with your local council for specific regulations

6. Is it worth getting a swim spa?

Getting a swim spa might be worth it for individuals or families who will take advantage of its dual purpose. If you’re keen on fitness, particularly swimming, and enjoy hydrotherapeutic relaxation, a swim spa provides the convenience of both within the comfort of your home. It’s also a space-saver compared to having both a pool and a hot tub

7. Can swim spas be installed in the ground?

Swim spas can be installed in-ground, partially in-ground, or above ground. In-ground installation can blend seamlessly with your landscaping but typically requires more extensive and costly construction. It is essential to ensure proper support and access for maintenance when planning an in-ground installation

8. Can swim spas be placed on gravel?

Swim spas can be placed on a gravel base, provided it is well-compacted and level. A solid foundation is critical to supporting the weight of the swim spa, which can be considerable when filled with water and in use. It’s essential to have a stable base to avoid any shifting or damage to the spa structure

9. Can swim spas be used in winter?

Swim spas can be used in winter. Many are designed with insulation and heating systems that make them suitable for use year-round. The key is ensuring that the spa is properly maintained and that the water does not freeze. Using a quality insulated cover can help retain heat and reduce energy costs during colder months

10. How does a swim spa work?

A swim spa works by combining the features of a pool and a hot tub into one unit. It uses a propulsion system or jets to create a current that allows you to swim in place. The spa area includes hydrotherapy jets and heating systems for relaxation. The whole system usually includes pumps, filters, and heaters to keep the water clean and at the desired temperature

11. How deep is a swim spa?

The depth of a swim spa can vary but is typically around 4 to 5 feet. Some models may offer greater depth for those looking to engage in deep-water exercises or for a more immersive swimming experience

12. Are Swim Spas good for weight loss?

Swim spas can be an excellent tool for weight loss as they provide a low-impact environment for exercise, which can be particularly beneficial for those with joint issues. The resistance of the water can help build muscle and burn calories, and when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, can contribute to weight loss efforts

13. Why is a swim spa better than a pool?

A swim spa may be considered better than a pool for several reasons: it requires less space, can be used year-round in any climate due to heating, is easier to maintain, and offers the additional benefit of hydrotherapy jets

14. Where is the best place to put a swim spa?

The best place to put a swim spa is on a stable, level foundation such as a concrete pad, and in a location that provides privacy and shelter from the elements. Consider ease of access, proximity to changing areas or the house, and the overall aesthetics as it relates to your garden or yard space

Invest in yourself

If you are truly passionate about swimming or simply seeking a gentle exercise method that places minimal strain on your body, then a swim spa is an ideal choice for you. With a swim spa, the capacity for enhanced well-being and fitness is right at your fingertips, tailored perfectly to suit your personal health and leisure needs.

The beauty of owning a swim spa goes beyond just its health benefits. Imagine the luxury of never having to visit a public swimming bath again, where your peaceful swim might be disrupted by crowds, or you find the water temperature less than ideal. With your own swim spa, those inconveniences become a thing of the past.

In the comfort of your home, a swim spa provides a serene and private oasis, allowing you to swim or exercise without interruption. Better yet, the hassle of adapting to fluctuating water temperatures is completely eliminated. A swim spa empowers you with the control to maintain a constant water temperature tailored to your preference, reaching up to a luxurious 40 degrees Celsius, regardless of the season.

This year-round access to your personalised swimming environment not only offers a convenient solution to maintaining your fitness routine but also turns your home into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether it’s basking in the warmth of your swim spa during the chilly winter months or enjoying a refreshing dip on a hot summer day, the benefits are endless.

Owning a swim spa in the UK isn’t just an investment in your health and fitness; it’s an investment in a lifestyle of comfort, privacy, and uninterrupted leisure. Embark on this transformative journey and discover the exceptional difference a swim spa can make to your life.

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Everything we offer when you buy Swim Spa from us

crane delivering swim spa

Inverter Technology – save energy and regulate speed on your Swim Spa

We offer two different types of swim spa, one has simple diverter valves that divert water flow from the pumps either to the swim jets to increase the flow or away from them which decreases the swim speed and diverts the pressure to other jets at the rear of the swim spa which means the pumps are always on full power.
An inverter swim spa has a 10 speed variable drive motor so at the press of a button you can simply increase power to the motor thus increasing swim speed or decrease the flow to have a more gentle swim, it also has the added benefit of saving energy too as your pumps aren’t running at full power all of the time

Inverter power usage of swim spa

Air Source Heat Pumps – Save energy on your Swim Spa

inheat 9kw

We also have a range of air source heat pumps that we can install to any of our hot tubs or swim spas which reduce running costs significantly! They also have the added benefit of being able to heat much faster than the inbuilt electric heater too so you won’t have to wait so long for it to be up to temperature.

You can read more about them in a very useful blog I’ve written which you’ll find HERE.

James Gardiner

Fantastic experience with these guys. We hired a solid hot tub for my wife’s birthday over the bank holiday weekend. We received plenty of information ahead of time, the delivery guys were excellent and explained anything we needed to know. The support on WhatsApp is also excellent and super speedy. Collection was efficient and again, the guys very friendly. Highly recommend Hot Tub Rocks. We’ll certainly be using them again. Top class!

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Sue Coneyworth

Small independent company selling hot tubs and beautiful, unusual home accessories. Staff very friendly and helpful. We weren't looking to purchase a hot tub but the ones in the showroom were amazing. We did buy some home accessories (2 paintings) for ourselves and our daughter (a large mirror). Well worth going to have a look.

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Karen Roberts

Fantastic service from our 1st visit, superb helpful advice with no pressure to buy.
Very helpful again when we wet tested a hot tub and then decided to purchase the ex display model.
The install team were very professional and got it set up quickly and explained all the controls.
Unfortunately after about 6 weeks of loving the tub and using it almost every day, we discovered a leak, but the benefit of buying from a local company was that they sent someone out the next day, and found and fixed the issue of a loose pipe quickly.
I would definitely recommend this company, the after sales service is fantastic, we definitely feel like our hot tub is in safe hands with this company.

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