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Hot Tub SOS – Can you help change a life?

We would like to introduce you to a project we have taken on…We are calling it Hot Tub SOS as it somewhat reminds us of the TV programme that pulls communities together and changes the lives of those involved.

Whilst in bed with the dreaded C19 and feeling very sorry for myself I came across a post from my friend Megan’s Place about a client of hers desperately trying to raise funds to get her son a hydrotherapy tub. After reading the Go Fund Me page I cried and knew that I had to do something to help. That I was in position to help and that our followers and customers would want to help too.

So here goes… Spencer is 17 and he urgently needs the benefits of hydrotherapy. Like really urgently! Among a long list of complex needs he has including cerebral palsy, being blind and quadriplegic he currently has a hip out of its socket and is waiting for surgery. His Mum Emma has battled to get him what he needs but the funding just isn’t there.

Long story short we are committing to helping them get what they need to change Spencer’s life:

A hot tub

A structure over it so it can be used all year

Composite decking so the surface is safe and sturdy

Ideally a heater and some lights too

We have a builder and a landscaper going out to quote for those elements so until they confirm costs we won’t know exactly how much we need to raise but as a guess we’re aiming for £10,000. And our electrician has donated his time to do any electrical work needed.

Emma has worked tirelessly to get the Go Fund me pot to just under £2,000 but it needs speeding up desperately.

So what do we need from you?

❤️ Fundraising ideas

❤️ Liking, commenting and sharing on any social media posts about this to help get the word out

❤️ Actual donations to the GFM page if you are in a position to do so

Joe and I will donate £3,000 of hot tub value to the pot if we can get the fund to a minimum of £7,000!! The more we can raise the better we can make it with heaters, lights, screens etc.

Please, please, please help us to change the life of Spencer. Even if you can sacrifice the value of one coffee shop coffee, one bottle of wine or quite frankly anything at all to help. All I want for Christmas is Spencer to get what he needs to help relive his pain 🎄🎅

Here is the link to read their full story and if you to donate directly or please comment below with any ideas you have for ways to raise funds or tag businesses you think that might be able to help.…/spence-needs-a-hydrotherapy…

Thank you so much for reading 😘