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Hot Tub Start Up – Springrisation

£149.00 VAT included

So you shut your tub down for winter but now want to reinstate it ready for the spring then this is the service for you!
Hot Tub Start Up – £149 up to 2 hours on site
  • Ensure pump and heater couplings are connected
  • Clean shell
  • Clean filters
  • Refill spa and shock
  • Clean lid and treat with protector

(NB. Please note – Whilst being shut down over the winter there’s a possibility when starting back up that there may be some issues which is why we recommend hot tubs are kept full and working during winter for ultimate protection, so should there be anything amiss then if it’s simple our technician may be able to resolve on site but if not we may need to quote for the repair separately. We also recommend that  once the spa reaches temperature you may want to add hot tub flush then drain and refill to make sure your pipework is as clean as possible due to possible contaminants built up over winter, we can do that for you too and it would be our hot tub refresh service)

Mileage charged at £2 per mile after 20 miles.

Once ordered we will be in touch to get your shut down booked in the diary!

You may also need some more chemicals or a new filter to start the season

Read our Maintenance Guide for tips on how to keep your hot tub in tip top condition.


This entitles you to one full service in a 12 month period.
This entitles you to one full service and three spa refreshes within a 12 month period
This entitles you to one full service, three spa refreshes, two filters up to the value of £75, chemicals up to the value of £300 within a 12 month period
This entitles you to one full service, your monthly microbiological testing and quarterly legionella testing within a 12 month period.