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How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

The hot tub lifestyle is so rewarding. Taking that long soak after a hard day at work or after a long workout. Spending time outdoors, enjoying nature and topping up your Vitamin D. Spending quality time with your family just messing around in the tub. Enjoying a romantic dip with a loved one. Or our favourite, having a hot tub party because you know what they say ‘There ain’t no party like a hot tub party’.

Either way, the benefits are endless. But there are a few maintenance jobs you need to stay on top off to make sure your hot tub is working well and that it is safe for you and your loved ones to use. Not to mention how regular maintenance and cleaning will prolong the life of your hot tub parts so you can enjoy your tub year after year.

You will already be well aware that you need to check the quality of your water, check your pH levels and top up your chemicals when necessary. If you don’t then you need to check out our maintenance guide. It contains everything you need to know to keep your hot tub in tip-top condition and your water sparkling, healthy and free from scum and other nasty contaminants.

Why do I need to clean my filters?

Your hot tub filters are an integral part of the filtration system, responsible for removing any hair, dirt, oils and other nasties from your water so it is clean, inviting and more importantly, healthy. Your hot tub pump circulates the water in your hot tub, passing it through your filter and your heater to constantly keep it clean and warm. Needless to say, over time, your filter will get dirty, which can compromise the sanitation of your water and mean that you are adding more chemicals to keep your water clean. So, cleaning your filter is vitally important and should be a part of your regular cleaning routine.

A dirty filter will not only mean that your water is dirty and grimy, but over time, it will have a damaging effect on the health of your hot tub parts. In the first instance, a dirty filter can affect the flow of water, as dirt and debris prevent optimum flow. This may result in an error message on your control panel and it puts an extra strain on your hot tub components.

Over the longer term, a dirty filter will result in the dirt and grime spreading to other parts of your hot tub, such as your heater, pumps and sensors. Left uncleaned, this could result in a costly repair bill.

How do I clean my filters?

You should be cleaning your hot tub filter regularly, depending on how dirty they are.

  1. Quick rinse

Giving your hot tub filter a quick rinse every week will remove most of the dust and debris. It will not remove oils and other contaminants, but it will keep your tub flowing smoothly.

  • Just switch the power off to your hot tub or unplug it if you have a plug ‘n play. 
  • Remove the filter.
  • Use a hose to clean out the dust and dirt, making sure you get in between the pleats.
  • Ideally, let it dry thoroughly before popping it back in.
  1. Instant Filter Cleaner Spray

Depending on how dirty your water gets, a more thorough clean using a filter cleaner spray is recommended at least once a month. It all depends on how often you use your tub, how many people use it and if you shower before getting in. Using a filter cleaner will remove the build-up of oils and other contaminants that a quick rinse won’t remove. Check out our filter cleaner.

  • Switch off the power to your tub or unplug it if you have a plug ‘n play.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Give it a quick rinse as per the instructions above – this just removes the visible dust and dirt.
  • Wearing protective gloves and eye protection, give your filter a good soaking with the filter cleaner. Our filter spray has a trace dye so you can see any bits you may have missed.
  • Let the cleaner work its magic for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Using a soft brush, gently brush your filter, making sure you get in between the pleats.
  • Rinse your filter thoroughly or your hot tub water will foam.
  • Ideally, let your filter dry completely before popping it back in.
  1. Filter Soak

A filter soak takes a bit of time, but it is a much deeper clean, ensuring that you have removed all of the contaminants and hidden nasties. You should be looking to soak your filters every three months, depending on your usage. So that your hot tub is always ready when you need it, we recommend buying two filters (check out our filters here), with one soaking while the other one is doing its thing in your tub. This way, you will always have a clean filter handy for when the kids want to hop in or you’re having friends over and they fancy a dip.

To soak your filter, you need to use a cleaner that is specially formulated to remove oils, minerals, organic matter and dirt. Grab yourself a cartridge cleaner from our shop.

  • Switch off the power to your tub or unplug it if you have a plug ‘n play.
  • Remove the filter. 
  • Give it a quick rinse as per the quick rinse instructions above – this just removes the visible dust and dirt.
  • Pop your filter into a large bucket and add the correct amount of cleaner into the bucket (check the dosage on the bottle)
  • Walk away and do something else, for at least 8 hours – how simple is that?
  • Rinse your filter thoroughly or your hot tub water will foam.
  • Ideally, let your filter dry completely before popping it back in.

Cleaning your filters regularly will also prolong their life. Typically, they last between six months and a year so cleaning them will save you money in the long run.

So there you have it. Three easy ways to keep your hot tub filter clean so it can keep your water just how you like it: sparkling, silky and safe.

How not to clean your filters

You may now be sold on the importance of keeping your filters clean but you may be thinking, ‘I don’t need all those special cleaners to clean my filters, I’ll just use something else, like washing up liquid. It’ll be fine.’

Umm, no it won’t. Using anything other than a specifically formulated cleaner for this job could potentially break your hot tub. So don’t stick it in the dishwasher or the washing machine or use any other cleaner. It could end up costing you a fortune in repair bills. You wouldn’t top up your car with olive oil or boil an egg using WD40, so make sure you get the right cleaner. You can get the filter spray and the cartridge cleaner right here.

You may also be tempted to run your hot tub without a filter. ‘Just the once – I’m sure it’ll be fine’. If you do this then any dust, debris and other nasties can go anywhere they want, wreaking havoc in your hot tub parts. So don’t be tempted. Get yourself two filters, a regular cleaning routine and your beloved tub will be ready to go whenever you need it.