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How Your Hot Tub Can Help You Reconnect with Nature

I’m not going to extol the virtues of your hot tub here. This is not that kind of post. I’m not going to go on about the jets and the pumps and the lights and the waterfall. If you’re a hot tub owner, you know all that, and if you are thinking about buying a hot tub, that’s what you want. I’m going to tell you about one of the main benefits of owning a hot tub that you haven’t thought of: getting out of the house and reconnecting with nature.

Most people put their hot tubs in their garden. Over the last few years there has been a growing trend in outdoor rooms, sunrooms, summer houses, outdoor bars and barbeque areas. And of course, hot tubs. This was boosted by lockdown when millions of people threw their time, effort and money into making their gardens more of a feature of their homes.

But even now that lockdown has lifted and things are starting to get back to normal, people are still investing heavily in their gardens. Why? For a number of reasons. It’s an extra space for entertaining, relaxing, spending time with the kids, friends, grandparents, or just a sanctuary for relaxation.

And your hot tub is central to all that.

Because it’s great to have that extra outdoor space in the short spring and summer months, but it tends to get neglected over the winter, when we all hunker down, put on our big jumpers and ‘cwtch’ around the fire.

But with a hot tub, you can enjoy your hot tub, and your garden all year round. In fact, there is something quite magical about slipping into a steaming tub when there’s frost on the grass and snow in the air.

So here are our reasons why a hot tub is so much more than a therapeutic dip in sparkling waters. A hot tub can help you reconnect with nature.

It’s what makes us human

Being in and around nature is programmed into our DNA. It is evolutionary. Scientists think it is because we used our natural environment to seek shelter, resources and food, so we are drawn to it, and our gardens play a huge role in fulfilling that primal desire.

When we go on holiday or out at the weekends, we gravitate towards open natural spaces, like beaches, parks, forests and mountains. Humans are naturally inspired by nature and our gardens can provide those feelings of peace and connectedness that we can escape to during our busy lives.

It makes us feel good

There is a body of research documenting the positive impact nature has on our sense of self and our relationships with others. Just seeing nature is enough to evoke feelings of awe and fill us with positive emotions. It explains why so many people watch nature documentaries. 

Who doesn’t feel better after spending a day out in nature – going for a walk or a jog in the park, riding your bike, hiking up a mountain, or spending the day by the river. We feel invigorated and galvanised to face the stresses of modern life.

It makes us nicer people

Being in nature, and the positive emotions it evokes, directly benefits our social interactions too. It increases trust, cooperation and closeness with others. This helps to explain why, when the weather permits, we like to spend our time in the garden with family and friends.

Studies show that living near parks and green spaces increases our sense of calmness,  belonging and civility. We should start seeing our gardens as little havens of peace and places where we can reconnect with our loved ones.

It improves our health

Apart from boosting our happiness, being in nature also benefits our physical and mental health. Studies show that young people spend an average of 7 hours a day in front of screens but reconnecting with nature can really help reduce stress and anxiety this causes.  

Trees are central to this. Apart from filtering the air and removing pollutants, they give out phytoncides to protect themselves from infection. When we breathe in these phytoncides, it also boost our immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells. Trees actually help us heal. There is also research which shows that phytoncides also help reduce blood pressure and heart rate, helping us combat anxiety, depression and fatigue. 

Spending time outside is an integral part of who we are. We are drawn to nature because it grounds us, makes us feel grateful and calm, and improves our social connections. It also makes us feel good, improves our health and our immune systems.

So, it stands to reason that we should spend as much time as we can outdoors. This is where your hot tub comes in. It’s easy to get your daily dose of nature when the sun is shining, but as that happens so little in the UK, what about the rest of the year?

With your hot tub, you can get that vital nature boost all year round, maintaining that feeling of peace, calm, and wellbeing so we feel better equipped to deal with the stresses and strains of urban life. So what are you waiting for – if you haven’t got one already you need a hot tub in your life. Check out our range here and if you join our mailing list, we will keep you up to date on any deals or ex hire tubs that we have on offer. And if you are unsure whether you want a 13amp plug ‘n play or a 32amp, check out our handy guide.