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Harvia Electric Heaters

£449.00£699.00 VAT included

Harvia Vega – the 4.5 and 6kW heaters – are modern and easy-to-use heaters. The stainless steel outer shell of Vega is durable and creates a modern look for your sauna. The operating switches are placed ergonomically in the upper part, and thanks to the symmetric shape of the heater, the switches can be placed on either side. The heater can be mounted low on the sauna wall, ensuring that the lower benches also get plenty of steam.

The Cilindro electric heater – the 6.6 and 9kW heaters – contain a massive amount of stones. Each user can adjust the nature of the steam: soft when throwing water onto the side of the heater and sharp when throwing water straight on top of the stone pillar.