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Spazazz French Vanilla Aromatherapy Crystals 482g

£17.99 VAT included

The calming properties of Warm French Vanilla are known by everyone. For some it brings back the days as a child, baking with your mom. For others, it is the smell of a candle or the taste of ice cream. One thing is for sure, vanilla has a unbelievable was of reducing anxiety and stress.It is also considered an aphrodisiac for men, leading perfume companies to add it to their offerings.Spazazz Warm French Vanilla is a great way to unwind and to free some stress

Spazazz products are specially formulated for spa and bath use. These all natural blends of sensual aromas and moisturising botanicals are spa-safe and oil-free, so they will not affect a hot tubs pH balance or leave any oily residue behind.