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Full Service

£295.00 VAT included


This is our full service package that we would recommend having done annually to make sure your tub is in tip top condition. Tie it in with when your tub is due a water change and save yourself the job!

Also a great idea to get done whilst your tub is in warranty with us as we will check and replace any parts needed at the same time!
Hot Tub Full Service – £295 (up to 4 hours on site)
Here is a list of everything that you get during the visit:
  • Check the operation of all systems
  • Testing of all electrical components to ensure optimum performance. Replace as necessary any faulty parts covered by warranty (parts & time permitting).
  • Report any non-warranty worn/defective parts, agree cost of works with customer before proceeding (parts & time permitting).
  • Remove and chemically clean filters
  • Check the cabinet and shell for leaks, damage and condition.
  • System clean and flush internal pipe work using a biofilm remover – includes full vac of pipe work to ensure as much removal of water & debris as possible before refill.
  • De-scale & Clean Circulation Pump and Ozone – (if applicable).
  • Clean & Vacuum Service Compartment.
  • Clean shell
  • Refill spa, testing water & treat as necessary including shock dose.
  • Clean & treat lid with protector.
  • Reset filter cycles and time on control panel

This price excludes parts and any labour after the initial 45 minutes or subsequent return visits. Labour charged at £30 per 30 minutes thereafter.

Mileage charged at £2 per mile after 20 miles.

Once ordered we will be in contact to arrange a date and get some details about your tub!

Read our Maintenance Guide for tips on how to keep your hot tub in tip top condition.

This entitles you to one full service in a 12 month period.
This entitles you to one full service and three spa refreshes within a 12 month period
This entitles you to one full service, three spa refreshes, two filters up to the value of £75, chemicals up to the value of £300 within a 12 month period
This entitles you to one full service, your monthly microbiological testing and quarterly legionella testing within a 12 month period.